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First Fairway Apples

Golfers can see the orchard to their right as they come down the first fairway. As they make their way to hole number two, they can see the trees up close through the deer fence.


Old Orchard

In 2017 we planted our first 2000 trees. The varieties in the Old Orchard are Honeycrisp, Premium Honeycrisp, Evercrisp, Ludacrisp, Zestar, SweeTango, and First Kiss. In 2022, we added onto the Old Orchard with more Evercrisp.


New Orchard

In 2021 plans to expand the orchard were underway. The fence was doubled and a lattice system (instead of the single support system) was installed. April of 2022 the planting was underway!


3rd Orchard

Spring of 2024 will bring the 3rd expansion of First Fairway Apples. We will be planting an additional 3500 trees of various varieties.

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