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2024 Rates

Membership Fees

Full 2024 Membership

$44 for the year*

Early Morning Membership

$325 for the year**

  • Adult members must rent a cart or pay a walking fee.

  • We often run out of carts for playing individuals. With that in mind, we cannot longer allow free ride-alongs. Ride-alongs will be charged $2.00 less than the normal cart fee even when they are not playing.

  • A Junior Membership is for youth 13 years old and older. If golfing with a parent they do need to pay for their seat on the cart or a walking fee. Children 12 and under can ride or walk with a parent and golf for free. However, children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult to golf on the course.

* Memberships will be defined as Adult or Junior

** If you tee off before 8:00am on any day, there are no additional fees if you walk or take your own cart. If you play after 8:00am, then you are considered a Regular Full member and will have to pay cart fees or walking fees.

Green Fees


$25 per person

Golf Cart Fees


$15 per person

Fri|Sat|Sun|Men's Night|Holidays

$18 per person

Private Cart Owner's Fees

Private cart owners will have $2.00 taken off of the cart rental fee. You must own the cart for the discount.

Walking Fees


$13 per person


$18 per person

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